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At Rancho Loco Enterprises, INC, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our customer experience. Stay up-to-date on our latest company news right here.


We hope to bring great products that have been tried and tested.  We also welcome any input and feel free to call us with ideas and input.



So being a forwasrd thinking individual I do try before I sell products and will only promote those which I find have workred and continue to work.


Our latest additions on the product lines from LifeVantage, "bio hacking" probably a new term for some, but our "God's design" is so under utilized, our brain and our bodies ability to activate functions to repair, heal and grow from within.


Same goes for our livestock and pets.  With that being said, we are utilizing the prebiotics and fermentation products which give our animals an opportunity to seek and find what repairs, heals an dgrows best for them.  Biozyme has been around for over 60 years and targeted the beef industry in the beginning.  It has now joined the business of animal nutrition reaching out to all sects of the animal world.


We continue to feed Total Feeds, as we have not seen or any product that gives us the best bang for our buck.  It continues to save us on forage and some have even gone full feed with Total Equine.  This fall, we had late calves received and put them on Total Bull, they bounced as if they had never made the move down the hill.  Our dogs, and we have 3 different breeds, continue to look and perform on the Total Canine.  Ron takes the Total People and with his lung disease the uptake of oxygen to the bloodstream has been amazing.  Each time he gets his BFT, he is either stable or inproved a minute degree.

Latest information available for products being found for the improvement of yours and your horses health.

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Life Vantange Neutrigenomics

Total Feeds

People, Equine, Canine

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We have changed our business hours to serve you better. We are now open from  7 am to 7 pm

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What's New

Total Feeds


Check out all our Total Feeds line of products, from equine, bovine, canine, human, bird, sheep, goats and deer.  

We work very hard to keep your prices down and absorb some of the fluctuating costs.

We have a new video on a product out from Total Feeds, click here

New Product LINES

Protandim Nrf2

Protandim Nrf1

Axio Energy 

Life Science Skin Care

BioHacking Hair Products

PhysIQ Weight Management

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BioZyme Livestock/Companion 



Vita Ferm

Gain Smart

Sure Champ

Dura Ferm

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