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Most of those that know me know that I "work for the brand".  It is a mantra with me.  When I am hired to perform a task, whether it is Announcer, Judge, Secretary, Show Administrator, I do the best job expected.  I also work from home as contract help.


Contract Work

My work from home ethic is the same as my work on site ethic.  I work for the brand, will provide support to your project and travel where needed.  I am computer saavy with; RSNC software, Arena Manager, excel, MS office, quickbooks, assisting in website set up, layout and information.


Show Administrator

As a show administrator, it is important to make certain that the expectatons of the producer, association, Show Director are met.  Then to carry out those expectations with the personnel you have at your disposal.  An efficient, happy crew make for an excellent show.  It has always been my choice to keep the show moving, dion't let them see you sweat and run it as sprofessionally as possible.



I have announced for local, regional and National shows for team penning, ranch sorting, cuttings, schooling shows, gymkhanas and ropings.



I have Judged for local, regional and National shows for team penning, ranch sorting, gymkana's, and open horse shows.


Show Secretary

I have been a show secretary for local, regional and National shows for team penning, ranch sorting, schooling shows, gymkhanas and ropings.


Call for a Quote (719) 269-3749 (719) 269-3749 

Cell: (719) 429-6237



Fees are reasonable

I am NOT a princess, ha ha

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Phone: 719 269-3749

Cell: 719-429-6237

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